Quality & Environmental Policy

MDS Environmental Services Ltd is an Asbestos surveying, sampling and removal company, certified as per the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and HSG247.

MDS Environmental Services Limited is committed to the search for excellence and the total satisfaction of its customer's justifiable and legitimate demands, within their specific requirements.

MDS Environmental Services Limited listens to its clients and strives to be an efficient supplier and offer its customers a prompt, courteous and effective service delivery, whilst continually reviewing its processes to maximise the efficiency of its resource management system.

MDS Environmental Services Limited seeks to handle and deliver products and services in a manner that is not detrimental to the Environment or to the Health and Safety of its staff, customers and the general public both inside and outside its facilities.

The Company's objective of consistent high quality performance is met by mandatory adherence to procedures, through staff training and the development of personal responsibility for all employees, together with the provision of adequate resources, according to the principles of Quality Assurance.

The principal elements of its policy is based on the following four principles:

  • The Company is responsible for reviewing its service provision processes, identifying potential errors and taking the necessary action to eliminate them; ensuring that tasks are completed in the most cost effective and timely manner for the benefit of its full range of customers.
  • The directors are charged with the provision of an ongoing staff training and development program so that the quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the Company.
  • To further ensure that the policy is successfully implemented, MDS Environmental Services Limited staff members will be personally responsible for fully identifying customer requirements, and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed to meet those requirements.
  • All personnel are responsible for ensuring that when mistakes are made, they are recorded and rectified quickly, and are not repeated.

This policy is deployed through the MDS Environmental Services Ltd quality management system that has been established, documented and implemented to conform to ISO 9001:2008.

The systems defined have the company's active and full support. The policy is continually reviewed and improved, however once defined is mandatory for all personnel.

Environmental Policy

MDS Environmental Services Ltd is committed to the care of the environment, prevention of pollution and efficient use of natural resources. The company will also fully comply with legal and other requirements. This is not just a statement but is a commitment throughout the organisation.

The company actively seeks to:

  • Maximise energy efficiency throughout its operation and with its full range of customers
  • Continually review best available technology on site to help minimise environmental impacts
  • Minimise waste production and wherever possible recycle waste. Identify, quantify, and continually improve the environmental impact of the company using improvement programmes, demonstrated by measures and targets under continual review.
  • Work with its full range of customers to achieve the same objectives in their organisation.
  • To prove the company's commitment, management systems are implemented to meet the requirements of ISO14001:2004.

This policy is published, available on request and is communicated to all employees. The systems defined have the company's full and active support. The policy is continually reviewed and improved, however once defined is mandatory for all personnel.