Swallow Hotel, Stockton-On-Tees

Client: Stephenson Group​
Project: Property clearance​
Location: Stockton-On-Tees​
Duration: 3 Weeks​

Project Background​:
MDS Ltd were commissioned to carry out major clearance works in a large eight storey hotel, located in central Stockton.​


  • MDS Ltd started from the top floor, removing all of the general rubbish such as curtains, bed frames, hotel furniture and fixtures etc.​
  • All of the rubbish was transported to the bottom floor where it was piled up and put into waste containers.​
  • Mattresses throughout the property, due to their specialised nature, were left until last, and segregated away from the rest of any remaining rubbish, before being disposed of in waste containers.​
  • All televisions throughout the property, again, due to their age and potentially toxic components, were collected and disposed of using a specialist removal company.​
  • The final stage was to pull up and remove carpets from each room, and pack them up into waste containers before disposal.​
  • MDS Ltd ensured that all areas were then left in the best possible condition, locked and secured, and ready for the contractors to start redevelopment work.