Globe Theatre – Stockton-On-Tees

Client: Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council
Project: Removal/Remedial Works
Location: Stockton-On-Tees

Project Background:
After winning a contract to clean out the loft space to the Globe Theatre, MDS Ltd made preparations to carry out the 10 week project.


  • MDS Ltd are currently making preparations to start work on the theatre after successfully being awarded the works earlier this year.
  • Prior to starting the large-scale works, MDS Ltd have been also been commissioned carrying out smaller removal works throughout the theatre.
  • MDS Ltd are working alongside Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council over the next 10 weeks, with the aim of carrying out a controlled, hassle-free, efficient and on time, but above all, a safe removal, so that the planned regeneration works can go ahead so that the venue can once again be enjoyed by the public.