Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization – Global Asbestos Awareness Week 2018

This week it is ADAO’s (Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization) annual Global Asbestos Awareness Week from the 1st April – 7th April 2018.

Global Ban: The Fight is on!

Asbestos is still very much a huge issue in the UK. Although its usage was banned here in 1999, the amount of hazardous material imported and used before that time, was so extensive that it still remains in many buildings today including schools, hospitals, council buildings and even houses. However, although the issue remains, the UK has at least taken steps to ban the material, control the exposure levels, and have in place some of the most stringent laws and regulations to tackle the deadly material.

Unfortunately there are many countries in the world still fighting to have the material banned. The whole point of ADAO’s Global Asbestos Awareness Week is to highlight this issue; that even after all the evidence of its deadly nature, and the scale of people being diagnosed with, or already suffering from the effects of asbestos, there is still not a global ban. They’re hoping to spread awareness about the dangers, and are fighting for the ban of the mining, manufacture and use of asbestos. It is also an opportunity for them to educate people on preventing the exposure of asbestos, and how best to protect against the deadly material.

The week is set to feature important information and guidance from leading experts in the field, including videos and guest blogs, as well as making use of different forms of art expressing the issues surrounding asbestos. Perhaps most importantly, they will also be sharing stories and tributes from people already suffering from the effects of asbestos, and how their lives have changed since their initial diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness.

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Asbestos: NOT a Problem of the Past

With many countries still fighting for the complete ban of asbestos, it’s comforting to know that such measures to prevent the future exposure of asbestos are already in place in the UK, and in many other countries across the world. However, it is still important to remember that asbestos remains a huge issue here today.

The sad truth is that it simply isn’t a problem of the past. Without a means to pinpoint every building it was used in, and because the material was added to so many common building materials in the past, it is important to remain diligent to the presence of asbestos.